Our Philosophy

We help the visionary. build iconic businesses

We help the visionary. build iconic businesses

We respect the intense struggle of the entrepreneurial process and we know that without the entrepreneurs we have no business. Our word is our bond. When we make a commitment to a partner, an entrepreneur, a limited partner, or someone in our network, we keep it. We carefully consider and discuss all important commitments, because we will live up to what we commit.

We believe in the transformative power of technology

To achieve our vision, we aim to build a more connected, empowered and joyful world by accelerating human progress through technology. We remain focused on advancing AI and driving the Information Revolution by investing in the world’s most essential technologies and innovative business models.

We focus on the long-term

By adopting an unusually long-term perspective in our investments, we transcend the realm of unpredictability and enter a domain of clarity and comprehension. We believe that over the long term, we own a business, not a stock.

We believe in the future and work with the firm that way

We are in the business of investing in innovators. The world is changing fast and we must continue to change with it. This means being open to new ideas no matter how crazy they sound at the time.
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